#Agenda July 14 * maybe we we should do something like the debian bug squashing parties every now and then, just think of it like of a codesprint on irc that just lasts for like 4 hours. #Agenda June 14 participants: kay, björn, ben * news articles * soutappend ... to news title (björn adds as issue)sout * facebook images (ben says he gets varying results) * teaser images (ben adds issue) * rss cache fixed (christian and kay fixed it) * planet * \url{http://planet.kay-strobach.de} * \url{http://forge.typo3.org/issues/35088} * BUZZ - Ben had a first look on the design (sn)================================================================================================ #Meeting May 14 Kay, Christian, Björn, Sacha and Ben ###Topics: * Deployment - testing * Planet * TER rating * demo.typo3.org * certified integrator listing * profile Working between the sprints: * \url{http://forge.typo3.org/projects/team-t3o-relaunch-week/wiki/Contribution\_Workflow} ###Planet Kay talked to Christopher about the planet. We can use what is there, but we need to run it Flow 2, which would need some changes in the current source. We work on that at the Developer Days. * Example: \url{http://www.planetflow.net/} * Need to be upgraded to FLOW 2.x * Feature set seems to be complete for now * Usermanagement * Blog Rolls * Based on SimplePie * **ToDo: soutBen will contact the planet guyssout, Christian contact the server team for VM, Kay takes care of Surf deployment** ###certified integrator listing \url{https://notes.typo3.org/p/t3o-maintenance} **soutToDo: Ben will ask Boris/Pascal for approval of the version on latestsout** ###Next Deployment * I won't even think of deployment as long as there are untested tickets in the next release * \url{http://forge.typo3.org/projects/team-t3o-relaunch-week/issues?fixed\_version\_id=2734\&set\_filter=1\&status\_id=o} * Server Team will take care of testing RabbitMQ * Someone(TM) has to test the Certified Integrators Listing * \url{underlinehttps://www.deploy.dev.t3o.typo3.org/certification/about-the-certification/certified-typo3-cms-integrator-listingunderline} * Update wt\_spamshield to 1.2.1 -> Björn takes care of testing ###Profile Sacha is working on it. Björn will work with Sacha on it. ###TER rating Easy to integrate. Original author wants to help out. * \url{http://forge.typo3.org/issues/51617} * \url{http://forge.typo3.org/projects/extension-th\_rating} **ToDo: ben throws it to Thomas.** ###demo.typo3.org Ticket in OTRS **ToDo: soutBen gets into contact with Fabien and suggest loginsout (a demo team is being formed, so that should be enough for now)** * \url{https://typo3.org/extensions/repository/view/easylogin} * \url{https://github.com/kaystrobach/TYPO3.easylogin} ###Next steps ---- Björn pokes Sacha on filtering ================================================================================================ Do a twitter social media campaign to get more contributors. Team needs to be active between the sprints. FOR owners need to be in the meeting. **Ben** will mail the FOR owners once again. **soutBensout**sout will contact Andreas DONEsout Purpose of the maintenance meetings: * Tasks in Forge * Main problems * caching * login New target version March 2013 code sprint TER participant list: 1. Thomas Löffler 1. Tomas Norre Mikkelsen 1.